Aliments du Québec

Founded in 1996 by members of the industry, Aliments du Québec is an organization whose mission is to promote Quebec agri-food products.  Promotional activities, brand identification at the points of sale and special events are all ways to inform consumers about the availability of Quebec food products.



Based in Ottawa, Ontario, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) is a not-for-profit organization that represents companies active in the marketing of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in Canada from the farm gate to the dinner plate.

CPMA’s vision is to enable and lead the produce industry by enhancing the market and facilitating trade of fresh fruits and vegetables for its members.



The Quebec Produce Growers Association (QPGA) is an association based on voluntary membership of market gardeners from all regions of Quebec. It offers services related to production, influencing the marketing of produce from market gardeners positively and effectively, as well as representing its members to decision-makers in order to raise awareness and negotiate issues.



The Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA) is a non-profit organization that brings together members from every sector of the produce industry, working in close synergy with them and industry partners. Its mission is to create a favorable environment for the development of fruit and vegetable marketing in Quebec, to play a leadership role in promoting fruits and vegetables, and to represent and defend the best interests of its members with government and industry.


Blue Book Services

Blue Book Services is a leading credit and marketing information agency, serving the international wholesale produce industry since 1901. Its comprehensive database provides important information about the sellers and buyers of goods as well as supply carriers.



The has an unwavering commitment to advance the growth and economic viability of horticulture by encouraging cooperation and understanding to build national consensus on key issues, so as to deliver unified and clear representation to government and other national and international parties.



The Conseil québécois de l’horticulture (CQH) promotes Quebec horticulture and contributes to aid its development and competitiveness through a program of coordinated actions including greater innovation and the offer of products and services. Its activities are carried out in synergy with member organizations that represent producers of both edible horticultural (vegetables and fruits) and ornamental products.


The Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC)

The Fruit and Vegetable Dispute Resolution Corporation (DRC) is a non-profit, membership-based organization serving the produce trade. DRC provides harmonized standards, procedures and services to its members to help them avoid commercial disputes. When differences of opinion occur, it provides consultation, mediation and arbitration services to resolve the issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.



The Eastern Produce Council’s (EPC) mission is to provide its membership with multiple networking opportunities in the produce industry to advance the sales and awareness of fresh fruits and vegetables and give the most relevant, up-to-date information available.

Agri-Food Export Group Quebec–Canada

Formed in 1990, the Agri-Food Export Group Quebec–Canada is the largest association of agri-food product exporters in Canada, with a membership of some 400. The Group has developed several member services while organizing hundreds of events to open doors for Quebec agri-food exporters to markets outside the province and abroad. The Group toils daily to bolster the presence of Québec products in the four corners of the earth.


Founded in 1913, the National Onion Association (NOA) is the official organization representing growers, shippers, brokers and commercial representatives of the U.S. onion industry. The NOA is comprised of over 500 members from the United States and abroad.



The Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) represents roughly 43,000 agricultural producers in Quebec. The UPA is the single mouthpiece, the official voice speaking on behalf of all Quebec farmers.