Food Safety and Traceability

Food safety

Food safety is a top priority at Groupe Vegco. We take every means possible to ensure we are delivering healthy produce to consumers. In fact, we exceed the safety standards required by the food industry. Each year, our 12 partner growers and our 3 packaging centers successfully pass audits by regulators. Groupe Vegco is certified CanadaGAP and PrimusGFSI.

3 actions to eliminate risk:

  • Implementation and maintaining of multiple food hygiene measures;
  • Conforming to sound agricultural practice standards;
  • Complying with good manufacturing practices in our packaging centers.


All onions, carrots and other vegetables produced and distributed by Groupe Vegco can be tracked in real time, from the field to the consumer. This traceability allows us to know precisely what the production conditions of our food are throughout the process.

All of our growers, as well as our packaging, storage and distribution centers are equipped with a DataTrace traceability system. This ensures that we can guarantee compliance with food hygiene standards at every stage.

We also use the services of GS1 Canada in a complementary fashion. Integrating our traceability system with GS1 services allows us to achieve our objectives in terms of food security.


4 ways to ensure the traceability of our vegetables:

  • Using DataTrace software;
  • Certification of our growers and packaging centers;
  • Training of all our employees;
  • Enforcing of strict hygiene measures in our warehouses and plants.