Groupe Vegco has fast, efficient, high-tech packaging facilities in 2 food packaging centers. The first center handles garlic and also yellow, red and Spanish onions. In the second center are packaged orange and coloured carrots, parsnip, celery-root, golden and Chioggia beets.


Groupe Vegco’s packaging capacity

  Onions Regular and coloured carrots
Daily 300,000 lb 115,000 lb
Weekly 1,350,000 lb 575,000 lb
Yearly 70,000,000 lb 20,500,000 lb


Groupe Vegco’s fresh vegetable packaging centers can pack 5 product varieties at the same time. Our packers are extremely accurate, ensuring size uniformity in every bag. Also, we monitor quality every day in our warehouses.

All of our fruits and vegetables are sorted by size before being packaged in recyclable containers and bags. In addition, our packaging is designed to preserve the quality and freshness of the vegetables in a safe and hygienic manner.