With our large production capacity and state-of-the-art warehouses, we are able to supply vegetables to the major North American food chains year-round.

Groupe Vegco is an important grower of onions and carrots in Quebec. We have 2,000 acres of rich black cultivated soil in the Monteregie region of Quebec. Our vegetable production also includes garlic, garlic flowers, parsnip, celery-root, turnip cabbage, beet, radish and rhubarb.

Our 12 affiliated growers are family businesses that constantly innovate with the aim of reducing pesticide use. All our growers also participate in the PRISME Consortium, an early user of the sterile fly.

To improve our production output, we undertake considerable researching and testing on new varieties of seeds. Certain crops are started in greenhouses in order to quickly provide a new harvest. To ensure unparalleled freshness, the cold chain begins as soon as the vegetables are out of the fields. They are immediately cooled in our high-performance warehouses.

Groupe Vegco’s production capacity
Yellow and red onions: 53 million lb
Regular and coloured carrots: 23 million lb