Research and Development

Research and development is an essential part of Groupe Vegco’s mission. Every year, we invest in modernizing our equipment, optimizing our harvesting methods and developing innovative strategies to combat vegetable diseases. Our aim is simple: to increase performance and reduce losses.

All of our growers practice crop rotation in their fields. And we are constantly testing new harvesting methods to ensure better conservation of the vegetables.

In our packaging centers, we continually optimize our vegetable handling methods to keep them fresh and flavorful longer. We regularly update our equipment to stay ahead of the most efficient, high-tech methods. We also practice the recovery of raw materials.


2 innovations resulting from our R & D:

  1. In 2011, we introduced an innovative and environmentally friendly method of curbing the onion maggot. The principle is to release sterile flies into the fields; these are easy to recognize, being pink. The sterile flies mate with onion maggot flies, which then lay empty eggs. Result: no larvae can develop. This innovative method was developed by PRISME Consortium.
  2. We collaborate with seed companies to test specific seed cultivars in field plots dedicated to R & D. The development of a new seed variety can take up to 10 years. Through various tests, we find seeds that are better adapted to different growing and storage conditions.