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Yellow Onion

Groupe Vegco has been the leader in yellow onion production in Quebec for more than 50 years. By using extremely accurate and efficient calibration equipment, we can offer onions in small, medium and large sizes, in a large variety of formats. We harvest early onions from mid-July to mid-August. Then from mid-August to early October, we harvest the storage onions that will be kept in optimal conditions for sale throughout the year. We have yellow onions available in large quantities year-round.

Formats:  24 units x 2 lb, 20 units x 2 lb, 15 units x 3 lb, 16 units x 3 lb, 10 units x 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb and 50 lb
Sizes small, medium and large
Packaging net with label and net with film and handle (D-Pack/NG)
Available: year-round